This hope we have as an anchor...a hope both sure and steadfast. Heb. 6:19

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A Season of Harvest


October - The Season for Harvest Time


October is the season for Harvest time. The Bible says seed time and harvest can refer to people coming to Jesus Christ and to the spiritual growth of Christians.

Did you know it takes about 4 months to grow crops and then comes the Harvest? The same is for sowing into the lives of people who need to know Jesus and His love for them. We may sow seeds and not see any change for some time, but those seeds take time to germinate in their hearts in order to produce a fruitful harvest in their lives. You must sow first and then reap. You reap from what you labored. John 4:35

Jesus' point is simple. He said there is a reward for helping people see their spiritual need. He added an important point that some Christians miss.  Some may SOW SPIRITUAL SEEDS and not harvest while others may Harvest and not sow.  Perhaps we sow spiritual seeds in one person’s life and we never see the harvest, but on the other hand, we may be the one to harvest the seeds sown by someone else in another person’s life. 

God wants us to be involved in sowing, watering and harvesting. There are no special qualifications for this…only that you believe Him and depend on Him with all your heart, mind a soul.

There are sowers and harvesters. I would encourage you today to help others know Jesus.  It is very rewarding to give back for everything God has done for us.


A Word of Encouragement


In Matthew 9 we are told that Jesus had just finished teaching and healing many people.  He did this long ago and He still heals today.  Why?  Because He loves us and cares for us.  Jesus is there for us…He listens to every word we speak.  Talk with Him today, He's waiting to hear from you and His answers are always spoken in love.

As we sow into others' lives remember to sow into your own, and reap the harvest of an intimate relationship with Jesus, the lover of your soul.

I encourage you to read this chapter, you'll see the love and compassion I'm writing to you about.

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