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We are winding down another year since publishing my book and as many of you know so much has happened.  I had written another chapter to my book and had planned to do a revision, an updated version with new information about my son Rodd and his recovery. 

My publisher felt that considering the time involved in recovery and my extensive involvement in his recovery that another inspiration book to encourage other families going through such a traumatic time would be helpful.  There are many of our "wounded warriors" and heroes returning from overseas with similar conditions as my son resulting from traumatic brain injuries in combat.  These families live the kind of life I have had to live in caring for my son during his recovery.

If not for the strength of my faith in a faithful God, who loves me with an everlasting love, I know I could not have held up during these times.  His strength is perfected in my weakness as I too have dealt with my health issues of my own during the past few years.

Please, keep us in your prayers as we continue to work through this project and hopefully bring it to print in 2014. 

Check out my book Anchored In His Love, on the BOOK page. 

We'll also post the updates on the new new book as we progress along with it.  You can access that information by visiting the EVENTS section as you check back in with us from time to time. 

My friend, Nancy Mears, wrote a book “Messages From The Throne Room”.  This is a book of love messages from God. It's a lovely book, I’ve included a link to her website below and one of her poems by permission.


My love is consistent, My love runs deep and this is sometimes hard for man to conceive; because this love is not based on performance, what you say or do or believe.

 My love comes to you with no strings attached.  You don’t have to earn it, deserve it or call it into being.  This love is a godly powerful force, never spiteful cruel or demeaning.

My love will never embarrass, put down or harass; it will always uplift, caress and embrace.  It flows from the very throne of God into every color and creed and race.

This love is so powerful and overwhelming, that it changes lives, mends hearts and convicts others to forgive.  Even those desiring to end their lives, when seeing My love, will want to live.

 For My love is life to all who receive it and in this love is all that you need.  It will never leave nor forsake you and in many ways it is like a seed.

For as seeds are planted and watered and nourished, they grow strong and produce from the earth.  So it is with the seeds of My love; with the proper care, they increase in worth.

 So My children, tell others of this love; spread the word to all who will hear.  Tell them that it is a free gift, and there is nothing to fear.

 My Son, Jesus Christ, is to be the example, for He is love, they are one and the same.  Tell them He will never fail them; they can trust in His love and believe in His name.

 Love one another, plant seeds of love everywhere you go; then you will begin to see with your eyes how they multiply and grow.

 My gift of love is freely given. Oh! How I long that others could see, that when they look into your eyes, they would see a reflection of Me!

-Nancy Mears- © Used by permission


Keep checking back for details about new book signings or speaking engagements.  If you or your organization would like to have me come share about my book or life and how God worked and continues to work in my life please email me by clicking on the link below.


This is Gary and I at one of my book signings.  We had a great turnout and met some wonderful people. 

Check back with us for future book signings when the revised edition of my book is complete some time this year.


As a result of my son's condition I have become a primary caretaker for him.  He does go home a few days a week and has another caretaker during that time.   Caring for my son and his needs limits the activities I can engage myself in because I am home bound during his times with my husband and I.  Gary works, so therefore during the days I stay with my son and work with him in his rehabilitation activities and take him to his doctor's appointments. 

I have found a wonderful hobby to fill my days - I have begun researching my genealogy.  If you have read my book you know that I had a marvelous discovery when my mother died and it prompted me to begin an ancestral roots search.  I use as the source of my searches and have had many more marvelous discoveries.

During one of my searches I met several lovely ladies in their 70's.  One I met in the Perry County Courthouse.  She aids me in my searches.  She purchased my book and read it and encouraged me immensely.  Another person I met in my quest to know my ancestral tree is Nancy (Ford) Mears.   She is one of my relatives discovered through the process and she too is an author. 
She sent me pictures of my family for which I will be eternally grateful and will treasure always. I have included a link to her website and her book, "Messages From The Throne Room" at the top of this page; it is absolutely wonderful!  It will inspire and encourage you.  Your understanding for the love of God toward you will also grow.



It could be said that you really didn't know me if you didn't know that I love animals, especially cats. While I couldn't turn anything or anyone away in need, children and animals are my weakness.  Gabriel is one of two feline members in our family.  He's the oldest and we've had him longer so he pretty much lets Rusty our other cat know who's boss.  I do admit he is quite handsome don't you think?


Rusty is an interesting little fella.  He is a polydactl but an unusual polydactl.  A polydactl is a cat that has five toes on their back paws.  But our Rusty has five toes on all four paws, a real rarity.  We thought he was special before we discovered his extra toes but as you can see for yourself, he is quite special.">


Many of you have been concerned about my son's condition due to the aneurysm & stroke on June. 14, 2009.

Each week he goes to physical therapy to build his strength.  He also receives Botox every 3 months which has been a miracle drug to help him recover.  He is a walking miracle because he can now use his left arm about 80%.  His left leg and foot is paralyzed but he can walk with the help of a brace from his knee to the end of his foot and a cane.  I was very hopeful and encouraged when his rehab doctor told me last week that she has seen patient who have been paralyzed for years wake up one morning and they are OK.  Never give up hope...we have a big God!

Prayer is an act of love and I ask you to remember him in your prayers as his short-term memory hasn't completely healed.  If you would like to send him encouraging words please address it to me at 110 Della Drive, Fenton, MO. 63026 and I will be sure he receives it.  .

Children are a gift from God....enjoy each day with them.

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