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Sandi Borgens


A must read for anyone who has known tragedy, devastation, loneliness, sadness, rejection and fears.

Discover how one person managed to not only keep moving forward and stay sane, despite one event after another in her life, but how she did not fall prey to a victim's mentality and wallow in a life of defeat.

Be encouraged that while life may deal some hard blows not only can you survive, but you can be happy and full of love instead of bitterness and resentment.

A victim of abuse and abandonment, deceived, robbed, mocked and ridiculed yet...


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 "Anchored in His Love" is very moving. I was most encouraged by the author's love for Jesus and how her faith in Him remained even in the most difficult times. It is a wonderful reminder that the Lord is always by our side and will never fail us and that those who follow Him will always be victorious.

- L. Miller


"Anchored in His Love" will break your heart in a million pieces and turn right around and make it soar.  My heart breaks when I think of the things the author endured as a little child.  My heart soars when I think of the faith and love Sandi has for our Savior.  And her capacity for forgiveness and understanding is awesome. 

The contents of this book is proof that our Lord will never fail us when we truly trust in Him. 

When I started reading it, I could not lay it down until the end.

- Stella Runyon


This book is thought-provoking and deeply moving. It made me realize how strong the author was to overcome the obstacles and heartbreak she faced. This was a very satisfying read.

- Kimberly Jerca


I read the book, Anchored in His Love and thought it was very shocking.  You see, I am a friend of the author and when I read this book, I discovered some things I didn't know about my dear friend, Sandi.

Her childhood and early years were much different than I ever expected.  They were filled with loneliness and despair.  Abandoned by her mother and placed in an orphanage when she was still a baby, this book tells how Sandi grew up desperately wanting to feel loved and cherished.

An abusive marriage and the murder of a dear, older brother are all part of her story.  Despite all of this, Sandi did not allow the darkness of her past to dictate her future.  Instead, Sandi tells a story of hope and victory. 

This is an incredible glimpse into a life filled with tragedy and heartache and how God can cause love, compassion and hope to flourish in the midst of terrible darkness.  With simple honesty, Sandi shares her story of how God touched her life, causing her to find joy and hope in every situation, despite the circumstances.

- Kathy G'Sell

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