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I’m Sandi Borgens, a debut author who knows that God can do anything, except fail! I live in Fenton, MO, with my husband Gary and two cats Rusty and Gabriel. God has blessed me with three wonderful children and 5 grandchildren.

Through God’s guidance and unconditional love, I am an over comer and not a victim. I share my story with others because my heart's desire is to see them overcome, not fall prey to a victim mentality by providing them with the same hope that carried me through difficult times. Anchored in His Love is a story about the love of Jesus and how His acceptance helped heal wounds.

Look for the revised edition of my book coming out this year.  I am adding updates on my son who suffered a brain aneurysm in June of 2009 and expounding in other areas as well.

I love children and take every opportunity to  do my part in meeting the needs of those less fortunate than I am, especially children.   I found a way to help feed hungry children  by using a catering company that uses all their proceeds to fund feeding stations in the mountains of Guatemala. Their staff is comprised entirely of volunteers allowing all the profits above the cost of food and supplies to go to the feeding stations. Visit their  website by clicking the link under the child's picture to the right to learn more about Mission Catering.                   


   Since I’ve written my book, Anchored in His Love, I’ve gotten involved in genealogy and researching my family tree.  People involved in genealogy are interested in telling a complete story of their family.

   A lot of space is given to listing the family genealogies in the Bible, so even God felt it was important to know and have an understanding of the roots of families. This is another reason I feel so compelled to trace my family history.  It will be a benefit and a blessing to my children forever.

   For me, it has helped give a voice to my ancestors who are no longer here to speak for themselves.  Whether I like it or not, a part of each of my ancestors lives on in me, and I feel such a need to find out more about them, because that in turn, will help me to learn more about myself. 

   Genealogy has also helped me overcome the isolation I have felt in the past, and allowed me to make new friends as I discover family members.  So far, my search has helped me discover two sisters I didn’t know I had!

   In addition, I have been blessed by so many who have been helping me with my family genealogy.  They have become new, dear friends, special gifts from God.  Each one has touched me in a special way as they share information and take the time to help me in so many different ways.

   Uncovering the past and following the trail of our ancestors is part mystery and part treasure hunt.  Each new detail is a special nugget, and you never know what you will find.  For me, genealogy is an interesting journey into the past that has brought a greater understanding and compassion for the family members who came before me, and what they had to go through to pave the way for the next generation.

If you'd like to know how you can research your ancestors go to the link is provided.  I found this to be a great resource in my search. - Sandi

I have also placed links to other sites you might find useful or interesting.  Each link represents a person or company that I have personally used or know about and would recommend.

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